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The most recent Kochie’s Business Builders program focused on online business. It started with an interview with me about the big picture, after which I went out to interview two of Australia’s most successful online businesses: Freelancer.com and BigCommerce.

Below are the videos of the interview I did with Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer.com, together with some notes from what he said.

* “I used the site once, and like it so much I bought it”
* After buying GetaFreelancer.com Matt Barrie developed the
* It is in the top 300 websites in the world, with 3 million users, with freelancers making over $100 million
* “The first million dollars is the hardest” but it has now taken a life of its own
* Go for quality, not price, look for good feedback, examine their portfolio, converse before engaging freelancers, and use the milestone system

* It’s never been a better time to start an online business. Operating systems, databases, voice over IP and much more are free. Internet connections, domains, ads on Google and more are cheap
* You don’t need to be technical to start an online business – you can hire someone to do it
* Ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s all about execution
* It takes initiative and drive, getting started and continuing to improve, having the passion to do it
* Create a ‘minimum viable product’, ship early and ship often, and get feedback from customers

I will shortly share the interview with BigCommerce, which also has great insights.

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  • Bruce

    I love the idea but for Australians’ it seems to be really about businesses using Indian, Chinese or Philipino contractors who are much cheaper than using Aussies. Obviously this is a huge benefit for business costs but what’s in it for Australian contractors, consultants or freelancers?

  • Haodehuaide



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