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Last week I was interviewed on the Daily Edition TV program about the future of offices. Click on the image below to see a video of the interview.

A couple of weeks ago I gave the keynote at sCRM-CEM y Redes Sociales conference in Bogota, Colombia, on the topic of Creando un Futuro Excepcional para su Negocio (Creating an Exceptional Future for your Organization). Below are my slides translated into Spanish. I used these slides and presented in English with simultaneous translation. I

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Trying hard to be genuine: the only viable path is transparency

ABC News recently ran a segment Social media forces companies to change their marketing strategies or risk being left behind. The piece, which included quotes from Mark Zuckerberg, Guy Kawasaki, and myself, among others, looked at how companies are changing how they are connecting to their customers and communities. One excerpt from my interview noted:

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6 key elements in effective innovation governance

Earlier this week I ran a two-day workshop in Bali for the Malaysian Directors Academy on The Innovation Zone: Unleashing The Mindset. I ran the same program in Phuket last October for another group of directors of large Malaysian companies, with the feedback from that session prompting the Malaysian Directors Academy to ask me to

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I recently ran an internal workshop on the future of work for a large company. In the next couple of years it will shift its headquarters into a new building and adopt Activity Based Working across the organization. The key executives understand that in their planning they need to engage with the broader issues of

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How technology is enabling the humanity of organizations

After my recent opening keynote at the SAP Australia User Group Summit on Leadership in Enterprise Technology, I did a video interview for Inside SAP magazine, shown below. The full transcript of the interview is available on our new publication CIO of the Future.

Launch of CIO of the Future

Advanced Human Technologies is, among other things, a publisher. To complement our existing ventures and publications, we have been building the platform and capabilities to generate more web publications and soon, more books and reports. The general theme of our publications is the future, or in some cases what we need to do today to

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This morning I gave the opening keynote at SAP Australia Users Group Summit on Leadership in Enterprise Technology. One of my central themes was that leadership in enterprise technology no longer resides just with the CIO and IT function. The Future of the CIO is absolutely a critical frame, not least because I believe the

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My futurist colleague Gerd Leonhard and I have highly complementary perspectives, so we are finding increasing interest in engaging us together for executive sessions. When Gerd was in Sydney two years ago we created a series of videos together. After I recently did a keynote in Interlaken, Switzerland, I visited Gerd at his home in

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Earlier this year I gave the opening keynote at the Thought Leadership Forum on The Virtual University, which examined the future of business education. The event organizers, the Centre for Accounting, Governance, and Sustainability and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, have now released a book The Virtual University: Impact on Australian Accounting and Business

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Earlier this month I gave the opening keynote at Crowdsourcing Week on Connecting the Crowd: The Future of Creativity and Innovation. Here are the slides for my keynote. As always, be aware that my slides are intended as visual support to my presentation, and are not designed to be meaningful on their own. However they

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I’m available in Europe 17-20 June

As a quick shout-out in case anyone is interested, I will be Europe with availability 17-20 June between engagements. I am currently intending to be in London for connections and meetings, but this isn’t yet fixed. Let me know if you’re interested for any keynotes, executive briefings, strategy workshops, mini-workshops on crowdsourcing or the implications

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