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Demographics will shape Asia’s future

Last week I gave the keynote at the Board Strategy Planning offsite of a major Philippino bank at a beautiful location a few hours outside Manila. The bank’s board and executive team recognize the need to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the future, so themed their strategy offsite around the future, inviting me

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In the future we will have relationships with our homes

Today I was interviewed on The Daily Edition about the homes of the future. Click on the image to watch a video of the segment. The future of homes is a very rich topic that goes far beyond the usual chatter about internet-enabled refrigerators and integrated entertainment, and we weren’t able to cover much in

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GitHub launches service for open government

Future of government seems to be the topic of the moment. After my post yesterday on Citizen sourcing and the future of cities and last week on Four fundamental principles for crowdsourcing in government, I have to report about GitHub launching As it happens, in my recent keynote on A Future of Crowds: Implications

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Citizen sourcing and the future of cities

As I noted last week in my post on Four fundamental principles for crowdsourcing in government, one of the most powerful applications of crowdsourcing is in government. PSFK has just launched a nice report and summary presentation on the future of cities, embedded below. The Future Of Cities from PSFK The third section of the

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Last week I went to the launch of an excellent issues paper created by The Committee for Sydney, titled #wethecity: Collaborating to Compete in the Digital Era. Lucy Turnbull, chair of Committee of Sydney, notes in her opening comments that: Cities are collaborating to compete and the ones that collaborate most compete best. The paper

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For over a decade I have been working with various facets of the idea of Global Innovation Networks: connections around the world that facilitate new endeavors. Innovation always stems from diverse connections between ideas and people. Bringing in different viewpoints from around the world necessarily provides more opportunities for the new. Moreover, in the many

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The rise of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) has been at the forefront of the news over the last months, with issues emerging that range from the remote use of military force to domestic privacy. However there are many very positive applications of drones. Matternet, spawned from a Singularity University program, envisages creating a network of

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The fantastic initiatives that are creating City 2.0

TED (which not many people remember was originally founded by information architect Richard Saul Wurman in 1984) has expanded dramatically over the last years, from a single annual event to activities spanning a network of thousands of TEDx events, the TED-Ed educational network, the TED Prize, and now its City 2.0 initiative. Part of City

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