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This morning I attended the Innovation Bay breakfast on Where to for retail now?. It was a fascinating discussion, which was definitely useful as I develop my forthcoming Future of Retail framework. (Still working on it, I don’t know when it will be ready for the public, more later.) Michael Fox, founder of the highly

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GitHub launches service for open government

Future of government seems to be the topic of the moment. After my post yesterday on Citizen sourcing and the future of cities and last week on Four fundamental principles for crowdsourcing in government, I have to report about GitHub launching As it happens, in my recent keynote on A Future of Crowds: Implications

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When I was in Switzerland recently, esteemed colleague Gerd Leonhard and I recorded a number of video conversations, produced by Jonathan Marks. Following ones on Big Data, the future of privacy, and the future of Switzerland, here is our conversation on Key future trends. For more conversations about the future see Meeting of the Minds.

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Citizen sourcing and the future of cities

As I noted last week in my post on Four fundamental principles for crowdsourcing in government, one of the most powerful applications of crowdsourcing is in government. PSFK has just launched a nice report and summary presentation on the future of cities, embedded below. The Future Of Cities from PSFK The third section of the

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How technology is enabling the humanity of organizations

After my recent opening keynote at the SAP Australia User Group Summit on Leadership in Enterprise Technology, I did a video interview for Inside SAP magazine, shown below. The full transcript of the interview is available on our new publication CIO of the Future.

There has been a lot of press the last few days about a paper The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?, published by the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology. Almost all the coverage has been on the headline figure that 47% of US employment is at risk. However

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Launch of CIO of the Future

Advanced Human Technologies is, among other things, a publisher. To complement our existing ventures and publications, we have been building the platform and capabilities to generate more web publications and soon, more books and reports. The general theme of our publications is the future, or in some cases what we need to do today to

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This morning I gave the opening keynote at SAP Australia Users Group Summit on Leadership in Enterprise Technology. One of my central themes was that leadership in enterprise technology no longer resides just with the CIO and IT function. The Future of the CIO is absolutely a critical frame, not least because I believe the

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The crime of the century: stopping the potential of connectivity

Last week I gave the keynotes at the Sydney and Melbourne relaunch events of Nextgen Group, which has restructured and rebranded with the acquisition of 70% of the group by Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP) from Leighton Holdings. The group provides networks, data centers, and hosting services, including a 100Gbps link between major Australian cities,

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My futurist colleague Gerd Leonhard and I have highly complementary perspectives, so we are finding increasing interest in engaging us together for executive sessions. When Gerd was in Sydney two years ago we created a series of videos together. After I recently did a keynote in Interlaken, Switzerland, I visited Gerd at his home in

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When I was recently in Stockholm my friend Magnus Linkvist introduced me to Einar Bodström of House of Radon, a young and innovative production company that is exploring the possibilities of online video. Much of the group’s work is commercial, including recent TV ads for Electrolux and Sainsbury’s, and a series of 20 minute videos

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I recently travelled to Provence in the hills above Nice to give the keynote at the annual EuroCIO conference. I used my framework for the future of the CIO to point to the macro drivers of change in technology and society, and how these are shaping the technology function in organizations, and in turn the

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