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The Future of Media Strategic Framework

[UPDATE:] A slightly updated version of the Future of Media Strategic Framework, together with lots of related content, is available in the Future of Media Report 2006. Future Exploration Network is organizing the Future of Media Summit, which will be held simultaneously in San Francisco on July 18 and Sydney on July 19 to explore

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Announcing the Future of Media Summit 2006

A belated blog announcement of Future Exploration Network’s latest venture: the Future of Media Summit 2006. In Living Networks I suggested that the lion’s share of the economy – and certainly almost all the growth – would be based on the flow of information and ideas. Another word for that is media. Increasingly, media encompasses

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Advice from business bloggers

Dr Nora Barnes, Director of the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachessets, has recently produced a very interesting report titled: Behind the Scenes in the Blogosphere: Advice from Established Bloggers, based on interviews with 74 bloggers who are “some of the biggest and best in the business” of corporate blogging (including myself,

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What licensing for user-created content?

ABC News is asking readers to submit images and video for a forthcoming report on global warming, looking for everyday indications of climate change. Asking for reader contributions is not new, though increasingly the broadcast networks and other media are looking for specific content to use in programs they are creating, in addition to being

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Big media moves into user filtered content

AOL, part of one of the big five media conglomerates, is going in a big way into user filtered content. It is taking the Netscape brand, which has lost profile but is still very powerful, and under the wing of Jason Calacanis, whose Weblogs Inc. was bought by AOL last year, creating a new kind

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Thinking usefully about the future

The latest issue of Business 2.0 has an interesting piece on how the Institute for the Future (IFTF), one of the oldest future-watching organizations, is creating “artifacts from the future” – physical manifestations of things that may come to pass – to help its clients understand the convergence of current trends and their impact. The

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The other day I had lunch with Ray Kotcher, the global CEO of Ketchum PR, and a leading light in the public relations industry. From our extremely interesting and diverse conversation I’ll touch on just one topic: whether the PR industry (or any of its participants) will grasp – or leave lying – the opportunity

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The Future of Media Podcast Series is launched today, kicked off with a fabulous interview with Art Kleiner, who is among other things Editor-in-Chief of Strategy + Business, the quarterly strategy magazine of Booz Allen Hamilton, author of Who Really Matters, editorial director of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook Series, and generally one of the top

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