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One of the big debates in PR over the last couple of years in has been whether the press release is in the last throes of death, or still healthy and thriving for years to come. Tom Foremski, formerly of the Financial Times and now publisher of SiliconValleyWatcher, has no doubt on the matter, and

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Creating the Future of Advertising – looking back to look forward

The other day I was chatting with a top executive from one of the advertising conglomerates about the current pressing topics in the advertising industry. Executives’ top-of-mind issues center on clients’ perception of value creation by agencies, which has continue to erode over the last years. Specific symptoms include pricing pressures from a procurement mentality,

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Microsoft, Facebook, and the shift of the platform to social networks

I was just interviewed on ABC Radio about Microsoft’s mooted acquisition of 3-5% of Facebook for US$500 million or so, as written about by the Wall Street Journal today. I’m severely jetlagged and it’s well past my bedtime, but I thought I’d make a few quick notes on points I raised in the interview that

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Working out of the US for a while

I’m going to be spending the next few weeks based out of New York, around some stints in Silicon Valley, LA, and a day in Boston. My primary base is Sydney. When I used to be based in Tokyo and London and spend a lot of time on planes, I thought that if I were

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With the New York Times recently dropping all charges for its online content and now Rupert Murdoch openly discussing making the Wall Street Journal Online free, it seems that the days are likely numbered for paid subscriptions to online newspapers. It is also useful to remember that there are now 169 free daily print newspapers

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A little while ago I was interviewed for an article in CIO magazine titled Remote Control, which looked at the issues in having employees work remotely. The article quoted me as follows: While companies tend to think of telecommuting and remote access as something to support domestic employees, business strategist Ross Dawson believes it will

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Interview on building powerful relationships in a global economy

When I was in Singapore last week to do a keynote for a client I was interviewed by Yiep Siew Joo on 938LIVE, the largest English-language news radio station, for its Bottomline business program. Click here to go directly to audio of the radio interview, and here for the Bottomline Podpage where the article is

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Last weekend my blog had the most hits ever in one day by a factor of seven, as my blog post on Eight steps to thriving on information overload was featured first on Lifehacker, and in turn appeared on a variety of prominent sites, including popular, popurls, and then the front page of

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Tomorrow I’m going to the Influence conference organized by Phil Sim and Mediaconnect, an invitation-only event held in the heart of the Hunter Valley wine region. Originally the event was only for technology journalists and the tech companies that wanted to reach them, but it has now been extended to the all most powerful influencers

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On Thursday I was in Singapore to give a keynote speech on The Future of Professional Services for clients and prospects of Epicor, a mid-tier enterprise software firm that has developed a substantial global market for its professional services software suite. Some of the issues I covered were the Seven MegaTrends of Professional Services, building

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I’ve known Patti Anklam for many years now, as she has played a central network role in the global knowledge management and social network communities. After creating much content in the form or articles and reports, Patti has finally released a book which provides a comprehensive view of how networks are applied business and organizations,

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[UPDATE]: This and other videos, with many other resources, are available at my newly launched speaker website: Conference organizers and meeting planners always want to get a good idea of the style of the keynote speakers they’re considering booking for their events. I usually get booked through reputation, recommendations, or people who have seen

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