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I usually am interviewed by the business press, but unusually I have appeared in the pages of the November issue of woman’s magazine Madison, in an article luridly titled: “This woman was sacked for having sex – Is your boss watching you right now?” They quote me as follows: Futurist and technology expert Ross Dawson

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When you go to networking events in Silicon Valley and ask people what they’re doing, you’ve got around a 50-50 chance of a “we’re in stealth mode” reply. Lots of nascent start-ups, and all of them afraid that someone will steal their idea and get to market before them. It kind of makes sense, since

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Yesterday I heard Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP Group, speak about the Changing Nature of PR and Communications. I attended as a guest of the organizer Frocomm. Given Sir Martin’s experience and seminal role in the communications industry today, I thought it was well worth going along. His very big-picture thinking was in evidence,

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The State of the Nation in Australian emerging technology

Chris Saad, the hyper-energetic co-founder of Particls, Engagd, APML, Media 2.0 Workgroup and probably many other interesting initiatives I haven’t had the time to hear about yet, has added to his plate editing Blognation Australia. Blognation is a very interesting set of blogs covering technology developments in 13 countries, which can be used to provide

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Official: Give staff Facebook ‘or risk losing them’

The other day I wrote a post titled Implementing Web 2.0 is critical for attracting talent. I just saw this newspaper article titled: Give staff Facebook ‘or risk losing them’ CONSTRUCTION giant John Holland says allowing employees to access social networking site Facebook can play a role in attracting and keeping young workers. The building

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Delivering Tomorrow’s Newspaper: The view from 2020

This is something you just have to see. Richard Watson of Future Exploration Network has created a fabulous article on the future of newspapers titled Delivering Tomorrow’s Newspaper, written from the perspective of 2020. The article, dated October 18, 2020, appears in Changing Times, an “Initiative of the Indo-China European Union”, in its “Marginally Leftist

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The current issue of BOSS magazine has an article titled “MyWorkSpace” (unfortunately not available online), with an intro: “They’re the new places to see and be seen, and the hottest social networking sites are also places to forge business”. It quotes me as follows: Ross Dawson, chairman of the research group Future Exploration Network, says

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Microsoft teams up to improve its Enterprise 2.0 offering

Microsoft has just announced at the Web 2.0 Summit that it is partnering with Atlassian on its enterprise wiki product Confluence and Newsgator on its newly released Newsgator Social sites, which is “a collection of site templates, profiles, Web parts and middleware”. Both products will be integrated into Sharepoint. This is a very interesting announcement

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Professional services are the future of the economy

When I was in Singapore recently to deliver a keynote for a client, I was interviewed by Radio Singapore International. Click here for the transcript and podcast of the interview on the Radio Singapore website – the complete interview is also below. While it was a brief interview focused on professional services, a few themes

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A recent article in Lawyers Weekly magazine titled Firms warned to embrace Web 2.0 opens as follows: AUSTRALIAN LAW firms risk losing clients as well as talent if they don’t make use of Web 2.0 technologies, an expert warns. Ross Dawson, chairman of Future Exploration Network, said that Australian firms are lagging far behind their

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Attention Profiling Markup Language (APML), the standard for sharing attention profiles that I wrote about recently, has received a major boost today. The prominent RSS aggregator Newsgator has announced that it is implementing APML, while Engagd reports that a range of significant players are joining the APML working group, including social bookmarking site Ma.gnolia, feed

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When people talk about the future, they usually point to all the new things that will come to pass. However the evolution of human society is as much about old things disappearing as new things appearing. This means it is particularly useful to consider everything in our lives that is likely to become extinct. Below

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