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On December 5 I am giving a “View from the Top” online presentation to US and European members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants on Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships:The Key to Avoiding Commoditization. There is no question that commoditization is one of the most powerful driving forces in the global economy. While this has

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The acceleration of open business: 2007 is the turning point

In my 2002 book Living Networks I wrote about the gradual shift to open accepted standards. Earlier this year, in the context of the social network battles, I wrote Is the trend to openness accelerating? Social networks as an inflection point. I think we can now safely say that the trend to open business is

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An interesting article on Techcrunch says Digg refugees may be heading to Mixx. Mixx is one of literally hundreds of community-based collaborative filtering tools that is competing with Digg, yet it is getting significant traction. It is particularly instructive to read what some of the “Digg refugees” are saying: “I have already had quite a

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Reuters has just reported that the European Union’s advisory body on data protection intends to scrutinize targeted online advertising and its implications for privacy in 2008. The Facebook Beacon debacle this week has brought to public attention the ramifications of targeted advertising for privacy, and the EU is already taking this to heart. The EU’s

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Launch of is now launched! The website focuses on my individual work as a keynote speaker and strategy leader, which complements my organizational roles at Future Exploration Network and Advanced Human Technologies. I have quite a few websites for the organizations that I’m in involved with, plus the occasional book and blog. Since my work focus

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Convergence 2007 in New York December 3: media becomes one

I’ve been a good friend and frequent collaborator with Business Development Institute since just after if was formed back in 2001. Since then it has become one of the best-established as well as one of the most innovative and interesting events and business development companies in the US. While their base is predominantly in New

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A few days ago Rupert Murdoch reaffirmed his previously stated intention to make the Wall Street Journal online free. At this point is the biggest-earning online subscription content site, so this in itself is a critical shift for the industry. He has been reported as seeking 10-15 million viewers for the site, compared to

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Conference organizer IIR will be first off the block with a conference on Enterprise 2.0 in Australia, with their Enterprise 2.0 event on 3-5 December in Sydney. At Future Exploration Network we had originally planned to run our Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum that week, so we had to rethink when IIR set their conference dates

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The attack of the killer online clones: how to keep ahead

The availability of online services exchanges has been changing the nature of the online development business for a couple of years. Over two years ago in a blog post titled The rise of online services exchanges I described how sites such as,,, and were globalizing services and tech development, and rapidly

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Network Roundtable: the state of organizational network analysis

Having spoken at several of the Network Roundtable conferences since they were initiated three years ago, it was fantastic to come back to speak again at this year’s event in Charlottesville, Virginia. The predominant impression is that of maturity. At the first conferences, most of the speakers addressed the potential applications and the early insights.

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Today I am speaking at KMWorld 2007 in Silicon Valley on Successful Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media. The speech is based on Future Exploration Network’s Web 2.0 Framework, and how the framework can be applied to setting and implementing successful strategies for Enterprise 2.0. I’ve provided the slideshow below, mainly for people who attend my

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Tapping Networks to Bring the Best of the Firm to Clients

Tomorrow I am presenting a keynote at the Network Roundtable conference at University of Virginia on Tapping Networks to Bring the Best of the Firm to Clients. This is the fruition of many years of work applying network analysis approaches to high-value client relationships. I will be talking about the big picture of what has

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