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How looking at the computer games we play can predict the future

I occasionally compile interesting quotes. I was just adding one to my list today and I came across a gem I mined some years ago: “Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean, if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music”.

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Connected Home magazine’s January/ February issue has a feature article titled Beyond Tomorrow, based on a presentation I gave at the Influence conference on Six Trends that are Transforming Online (the link has some more detail on what I covered), followed by an interview with me. The intro reads: “Techno ‘crystal ball gazers’ have got

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This year looks set to be a very interesting – perhaps transitional – period for my organizations Future Exploration Network and Advanced Human Technologies. While they currently function as highly virtual firms with only a small core team, they may start to grow more as we do larger projects and also get involved in some

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Digg, DataPortability, and business models

Following my post last week on the DataPortability Working Group, Digg has just announced on its blog that it is joining it too. It says: Want to sync your Digg friends network with another service? We want to help you do that. Want to use your Digg activity to get recommendations from another web site?

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2008 will be the year of Enterprise 2.0

This year will be when Enterprise 2.0 becomes firmly established. Different countries are at different stages of development and uptake, but the broad trend is clearly visible. This is not to say that at the end of this year all organizations will be using Web 2.0-style tools and approaches, however the momentum this year will

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Over the last few weeks excitement has been mounting over the DataPortability movement, which has a mission of giving users control over their data. It brings together a range of existing initiatives, including APML, OpenID, RSS, and others to enable personal data to be shared between applications and vendors. The initiative is spearheaded by Chris

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At the Crunchy awards last week Digg was named best User Generated Content (UGC) site. As many people pointed out since then, Digg is in fact not a user generated content site, since the people don’t submit content to the site, but links to other sites. Allen Stern suggests that Digg is a UGC aggregator.

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See our latest Trend Map! What to expect in 2008 and beyond…. and Future Exploration Network have once again collaborated to create a trend map for 2008 and beyond. Our Trend Map for 2007+ had a major impact, with over 40,000 downloads, fantastic feedback (“The World’s Best Trend Map. Ever.” “I got shivers” “Amazing” “Fascinating” “Magnifique” etc. etc.), and inspired several other trend maps including Information

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Knowledge-centered support: Greg Oxton workshop in Sydney

I first caught up with Greg Oxton a few years ago while I was in San Francisco. It seemed like an obvious connection, as he runs the Consortium for Service Innovation, a group of very large organizations with significant service and support operations. Their focus on Knowledge-Centered Support overlaps with my idea of Knowledge-Based Client

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I recently met Stan Relihan, having been introduced to him separately by Cameron Reilly of The Podcasting Network fame, leading tech journalist Brad Howarth, and also from further afield Charlene Hutt, one of the leading HR practitioners in Canada. The diverse introductions in themselves illustrate the deeply interconnected nature of social networks. Stan is an

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Revisiting the top 60 Web 2.0 applications in Australia for 2007

Back in May 2007 ReadWriteWeb posted my list of the Top 60 Web 2.0 applications in Australia, which we created as a prelude to our Web 2.0 in Australia event. I’m reposting the list now, partly as the full list is no longer available from the ReadWriteWeb site for some reason, and also because I

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I’ve just been interviewed by SBS TV for a segment on Skype, which will air on their World News tonight at 6:30pm. There was no particular news that prompted the segment, which simply looks at what Skype is, and in particular how it is impacts the telecommunications industry. In the interview I repeatedly emphasized how

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