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On Friday I caught up with Euan Semple in London. It was great to meet, as we’d just conversed over email, voice, and video up until then, and of course had him present over video at our Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum in February. It recently occurred to me that when I catch up with interesting

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For the last ten years I have believed that collaborative filtering will be one of the most fundamental platforms for business and society. In a world of massively increasing information overload, the only way we will cope is to collaborate to filter what will be most relevant to us. Early this decade I was finding

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Industrial policy in the global media economy

Japan and Singapore are examples of nations that have had highly interventionist industrial policies and industry support through the second half of the twentieth century, with great success. However once economies become developed, the key issues are far less about manufacturing prowess. Today the buzzwords in national economic development are knowledge, creativity, media, content, entertainment,

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This morning I was interviewed on the Australian national breakfast television program the Today show, together with our new family pet, the robot dinosaur Pleo. The video is below. [UPDATE:] This TV segment is also available on the NineMSN website in better quality. While it makes for a nice fun TV segment, I actually think

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Over the last week FriendFeed has being the hot topic of the online world, soaring in popularity after an already strong start from its launch on February 25. FriendFeed allows you to see all of the online activities of the people you like or admire, who choose to share that data. So for example I

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Adtech Sydney: Innovation in the Digital Marketplace

A few days ago I attended a morning of the second Adtech Sydney, after last year chairing the keynote panel on the new media mix and the panel on blogs as a marketing tool last year. The event has progressed over its very promising start last year, with apparently around 30% more attendees, and an

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The winners of Vishal Sharma’s Startup Carnival have been announced. The first three prize winners are: 1. Scouta 2. GoodBarry 3. Suburbview The three judges (Duncan Riley, Justin Davies and myself) scoured through the 24 applications to identify the winners. My formal comment after judging the field was: It was very encouraging to see many

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Tuesday’s edition of The Australian has an article titled Business yet to harness Web 2.0. Overall it takes a rather sceptical approach to the topic, though it does include some positive comments. Beginning with an overview of what Web 2.0, and suggesting it is confusing, it goes on: Business strategy analyst Ross Dawson says Web

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Why we will all have robot pets in the future

Robots have been perhaps the most-predicted and least-realized aspect of our future. Decades ago we believed that robots would soon be part of the household, doing useful tasks for humans finally able to laze about rather than doing chores. This has not yet come to pass, though washing machines, for example, are arguably task-specific robots.

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The week before the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum, Future Exploration Network and IBM hosted a roundtable of senior executives discussing Enterprise 2.0. Highlights of the discussions were written up in a report which is being made openly available, to assist other executives in considering the key issues involved. Download the report here: Executive Insights into

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Summary of media coverage of Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum

There has been some great media coverage of the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum. Below is a summary of some of the articles and media that are available online. It is very encouraging that the mainstream media is not only taking up these themes, but giving it such positive coverage – the articles are well worth

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Summary of presentations at Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum

We have been posting the speaker presentations at the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum on the event blog as they have been made available. Below is a summary of the presentations that the speakers have provided to us: (Note: to see slide details in the slide shows, view the slides on Slideshare and put the presentation

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