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[UPDATE:] The complete Top 100 list is now up. The Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications list I wrote about earlier is being readied, and the launch event on 19 June is now open for registrations. A few exciting developments: * A great cast of panellists to uncover the state of online innnovation in Australia,

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The rise of professional-quality user generated media

The launch of Blogger in August 1999 opened the door to anyone and everyone creating media. Since then platforms to share writing, photos, video and more have enabled an extraordinary volume of content to be made available to the world. The media world has at least doubled in size this decade, adding many new content

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Enterprise 2.0 in Financial Services: upcoming keynote

I have long been interested in how collaboration technologies are applied in financial services, having come from a career largely at Merrill Lynch and Thomson Financial, and spent much time consulting to the instittutional financial services sector. A few years ago now I ran the Collaboration in Financial Services conferences in New York and London,

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Thinking about the future of museums: fourteen key issues

Today I participated in a Future Directions Forum at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, which after 20 years in its current location is looking to the future. To provide some context, the Powerhouse is specifically branded as a science and design museum, implicitly being about technology and it’s impact on people’s lives. It’s worth looking at the

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Picking the future of Microsoft

Microsoft’s withdrawal from its bid for Yahoo! has hardly clarified the the tech landscape. In fact it has made the shape of the industry far more uncertain, as Microsoft mulls moves to shore up its future. Microsoft is one of the most financially successful companies on the planet. It anticipates operating income this year of

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Recently the Future of Journalism conference was held in Sydney, run by the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the body that represents workers in media and entertainment, including journalists. One of the broadcast media channels which covered the event called me last week to get some ideas for their interviews with the keynote speakers at

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Here is an old (November 2, 2007) interview I did on SkyBusiness about social networks, examining both the industry landscape and how social networks can be valuable inside organizations. What I like best about this is that for much of the interview they had up a banner reading “Facebook And Other Social Networking Sites Can

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[UPDATE:] The final Top 100 list is now up. In researching the Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications list, I created a draft list on Google Docs of 125-odd applications I was aware of, and invited a dozen of the most connected and influential people in the space as collaborators, to add any applications I

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Download Chapter 4 of Living Networks on Emerging Technologies Every chapter of Living Networks is being released on this blog as a free download, together with commentary and updated perspectives since its original publication in 2002. For the full Table of Contents and free chapter downloads see the Living Networks website or the Book Launch/

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[UPDATE:] The final Top 100 list is now up. Following the great success of last year’s Top 60 Web 2.0 Apps in Australia list and Web 2.0 in Australia event, this year we will release a list of the Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications. The list will be launched on 19 June in BRW

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Montage of recent media coverage

We recently created a montage of some of my recent television, newspaper, and magazine coverage. This was created primarily for the dozen or more Australian speaking bureaux I work with. The majority of my Australian, US, and global speaking work comes to me directly, but that is complemented by work that comes in from a

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In the last two days MySpace has announced Data Availability and Facebook launched Facebook Connect, while Google is due to announce “Friend Connect” on Monday, according to TechCrunch. MySpace and Facebook are providing ways to open out users’ access to their data on those social networks. TechCrunch says that Google’s initiative may not be quite

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