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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced new guidelines (available in the next week or two) that will recognize the role of blogs in disclosing investor-sensitive information to the public. Back in 2005 I wrote an update on the situation at the time on investor relations and blogging, and in 2006 I delivered

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I’ve been trying to get the time to do reviews of the key panels at the Future of Media Summit, but it’s been tough to get. Here I will kick off with a quick review of the Global Media Strategies panel. The fantastic cast of speakers that I moderated was: Loic Le Meur, CEO, Seesmic

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After the news of the deal between LinkedIn and New York Times I wrote about a couple of days ago, LinkedIn has just announced new deals with LexisNexis and Outlook plug-in Xobni. The LexisNexis deal is particularly intriguing. Back in 2003 a number of corporate social networking applications were launched, notably Spoke, VisiblePath, and Contact

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How will news and social networks be integrated?

It is inevitable that news dissemination will become a largely social function. By whatever means, we will be provided with extremely low touch ways of sharing content we think would be interesting to specific people we know. This will then be filtered in various ways by the recipients, however most will value being recommended articles

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Michael Arrington of Techcrunch has just announced that they are trying to create the specifications to build a tablet computer primarily for web browsing for $200. The intention is to design it, then open source the design and software so anyone can build it, thus making an inexpensive web tablet available to many. More background

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I visited several venture capital firms in Silicon Valley this week and also met the CEOs of a number of VC-funded companies. Not surprisingly, much of the talk was about the climate and outlook for venture capital, which is the spigot from which much of Silicon Valley drinks. The MoneyTree Survey of venture capital, summarized

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Sorry I’ve been slow to follow up on the Future of Media Summit – it’s been a very busy time since the event, including some long flights 🙂 To start off here are some of the most interesting blog posts on the Summit. There are some fantastic ideas and insights in these, so well worth

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I’ll do some more detailed reflections on the Future of Media Summit tomorrow. I’m just about to fall over after a very long day, but thought I’d post a few important social media references and commentary on the event. First stopping point has to be the Future of Media Summit Blog, where participants have been

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Rand Leeb-du-Toit, the indefatigable entrepreneur and social media evangelist, is very consistently producing interesting insights on the emerging tech landscape at his blog Metarand – well worth a look or subscribe! Last week Rand interviewed me for a podcast – go to the post to listen to the interview. We primarily discussed my thoughts leading

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Future of Media Drinks in Sydney tomorrow – all welcome!

After the Future of Media Summit in Sydney tomorrow speakers and participants will be gathering at the Firehouse in North Sydney from 5:30pm for drinks and general post-event conviviality. We’ve simply named it as a spot for all to gather to grab a drink, so anyone is welcome to turn up, irrespective of whether they’ve

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Launch of Future of Media: Strategy Tools framework

The third key framework from Future of Media Report 2008 (after Future of the Media Lifecycle and 7 Driving Forces Shaping Media) is the Future of Media: Strategy Tools framework. This lays out three of the most valuable tools for building strategy in the media and adjacent industries. The high-level overviews are intended to provide

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Every event we do, we run a blog for all speakers and participants. Since Future of Media Summit 2007 we’ve maintained the Future of Media blog on an ongoing basis, including my blogging activity on the future of media. As we approach the Future of Media Summit 2008, the Future of Media Summit blog is

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