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Quick update on Enterprise 2.0

I have unfortunately not been blogging and twittering as much as usual recently, due to being intensely busy leading towards the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum on 24 February in Sydney and the release of our Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report. So a quick update on where things stand, and a promise of some more in-depth content

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We are in the process of revamping my keynote speaking videos. While we were intending to do this anyway, a recent trigger to bring this forward was Brightcove closing down its non-professional site. We had initially used Brightcove for my videos because of the quality, however despite YouTube’s lower quality it is more visible. You’ll

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This is actually extraordinary. Today it is possible to create an operating service that can have real market value within 24 hours. This is a fairly new phenomenon, enabled very significantly by the platforms such as widespread APIs, programming libraries, application stores, aggregated advertising, and other elements that can be combined and recombined in ways

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Have you ever wondered what life will be like in the year 2049? Amazingly I seem to have stumbled across a timewarp. The blog p40y is being written every day in the year 2049, and each blog post appears daily 40 years earlier. Since the blog began on New Years Day 2049 (and 2009 via

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I was recently interviewed on SkyNews about how mobile and web technologies are relevant to organizations today – the video of the interview is below. A few points that I made in the interview: * Technology should be focused on getting effective contribution and participation from staff, and building efficiencies and productivity. * Critical technologies

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Here Charlie Rose interviews Leo Apotheker, co-CEO of SAP, and Andrew McAfee from Harvard Business School (who spoke at our Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum last year) about enterprise software. The interview begins at 33:00. It’s interesting that enterprise software is seen as a topic of relevance to a broad audience. Of course it should be,

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At CES 2009 Blaupunkt is showing the world’s first in-dash internet car radio, powered by technology from Australian-based company miRoamer. The radio accesses the internet via Bluetooth to any mobile phone in the car which has 3G internet access. Two key issues: Parthimos said a 2GB monthly data plan would be required to power the

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I recently gave the keynote speech for a Sun Microsystems Partner Executive Forum, where Sun brought together the top executives from its extensive partner network for an update and relationship building session. Below is an 8 min video containing brief excerpts from my keynote, titled The Future of the Network Economy. Topics covered in the

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I was interviewed last week on social trends in 2009 for a feature story in the Sunday Times magazine in Perth. In order to illustrate my ideas, I coined a term, Wealth Adaptation Syndrome, or WAS. (One of the great things about the growth of Internet content and search engines is that when you invent

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