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Visualization: Social bookmarking in the enterprise

In our Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report, we created visual representations to help explain how the most important social media tools can be applied inside organizations. The diagram below was used in the chapter on social bookmarking, which was designed to accompany the detailed coverage in the report, but it is hopefully fairly self-explanatory! Go to

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I caught up this afternoon with Chris Bayley of Buffalo Canyon Consulting and we had a very interesting conversation about Web 2.0 in organizations. Chris asked me about the role of pilots, and in our ensuing discussion I refined my thinking on this a bit. Examining how to run pilots plays a significant role in

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Continuing our series of free chapters from Implementing Enterprise 2.0, here is Chapter 4 on Key Benefits and Risks. For full details on the report and all the sample chapters go to the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 website. As shown in the Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework above, understanding the potential benefits and risks from Enterprise 2.0

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I love my iPhone. But it has some deep flaws. OK, so cut-and-paste will be available with the 3.0 operating system – that’s good. The lack of a video camera is annoying and strange – rumors are that the next iPhone released in the northern summer will have video capabilities. But the thing that really

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Tomorrow I am giving the opening keynote at the Direct Selling Association of Australia Conference 09 which is on the theme of ‘Defining our Future’. The slides for my presentation are below. As always, these are intended to accompany my keynote, not as stand-alone slides. Embracing the Future: Keynote to DSAA 23 March 2009 View

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Social media commentator extraordinaire Des Walsh attended Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum, and did a number of short video interviews with speakers at the event. The first three interviews including both the blog posts and the videos are below. Chris Lampard, Corporate Express Des Walsh blog post on Chris Lampard interview

In the wake of our recent launch of the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report, we are providing a number of free sample chapters. For full details and all the sample chapters go to the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 website. Chapter 2 on Web 2.0 and the Enterprise uses our extremely popular Web 2.0 Framework as a foundation.

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My readers will have seen a massive focus on Enterprise 2.0 in this blog for the last few months, as I have been preparing, promoting and running the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum in Sydney and Enterprise 2.0 Executive Briefing in Melbourne, and writing and publishing Implementing Enterprise 2.0, which is rapidly becoming the reference in

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Launch of Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Framework

A centrepiece of our recently launched Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report is an Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Framework. Click on the image below to download the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Framework pdf, which includes references to the relevant chapters for each of the action steps. Some of the chapters referred to are available for download from the Implementing

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We have just launched our Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report, encapsulating in a neat package (almost) all you need to know to create massive value with Enterprise 2.0 technologies and approaches in your organization. Our website includes a number of free chapters and resources, which I’ll feature in more detail here later, as well as

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Last week mX newspaper in Melbourne (the city’s largest free newspaper with readership of over 300,000) had a little story on Blogs to conquer the office based on an interview with me. The article was originally intended to cover the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 Executive Briefing which was run last Thursday in Melbourne, though the final

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Yesterday as a prelude to the Transformations in Scientific and Cultural Communication conference I’m speaking at today, the Directors of Australia and New Zealand’s largest museums and libraries gathered for a boardroom session. I joined the group to give a presentation on social media in organizations and was very interested to hear their perspectives. The

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