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The first event of burgeoning new events company The Insight Exchange is announced! And to set the tone for some of the themes we will be exploring this year and beyond, the topic is… The Power of Influence. This event will be the first of The Insight Exchange lunch series, which each month will explore

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Which would you prefer to do your work without: email or ERP?

I caught up with Laurie Lock Lee yesterday and we compared notes on our recent launched books – my Implementing Enterprise 2.0 and his IT Governance in a Networked World. I haven’t read his book yet but it looks great and I’ll report on it soon. In our discussion of Enterprise 2.0 and the networked

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After my TV interview about Twitter the other day, I’ve just been interviewed by ABC Radio about the Nielsen research just out that shows that Twitter’s second-month retention rates for new users are 40%, compared to retention rates of 50-60% for Facebook and MySpace when they were at a similar stage in their growth. I

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To further the TED conference’s mission of promoting ideas worth spreading, it has established the TEDx program of independently organized TED events. The global Advance network is running its first TEDx event on May 5 in San Francisco, where I will speak on the future of the enterprise. See the full invitation and registration details

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Yes I still exist… and even better, my email is back up!

For anyone who has tried to email me over the last 28 hours and received a bounce, please just email me again – my email is back up and I now exist again! This has been a nightmare as I’ve transferred my primary website associated my email to a new host, and it did not

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Download Chapter 9 of Living Networks on the Flow of Services Every chapter of Living Networks is being released on this blog as a free download, together with commentary and updated perspectives since its original publication in 2002. For the full Table of Contents and free chapter downloads see the Living Networks website or the

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ComScore has just released global Twitter usage figures for March, showing a 95% growth in the month to 19.1 million visitors. Using the same methodology as my At current growth rates everyone in the US will have a Twitter account by August 22 2009! blog post from last week (extrapolating current exponential growth rates)… Everyone

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10 DOs and DONTs of organizational change

For a recent boardroom presentation to a group of CEOs of large organizations I prepared ten ‘dos and donts’ on my topic of organizational change. Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework I drew on the core ideas in our Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report and framework (as above). Enterprise 2.0 is ultimately far more about organizational change than

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Visualization: Wikis in the enterprise

Today we are continuing our series of visual representations of social media tools inside organizations, taken from our Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report. The diagram below was used in the chapter on wikis in the enterprise, to illustrate how wikis can be used in organizational activities. Go to the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 downloads page for several

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Intranet Innovation Awards: Submissions open

Unfortunately posting this a bit late, but there is still time to submit your awesome intranet work to the Intranet Innovation Awards – the deadline is May 1. The awards are run annually by StepTwo Designs, and for the last two years have featured some fantastic examples of innovation in internal web initiatives. One of

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The latest issue of People and Strategy Journal has an extremely interesting Point/ Counterpoint feature. Download the full article and responses here. Karen Stephenson, a leading network theorist and practitioner, wrote an article Neither Hierarchy nor Network: An Argument for Heterarchy, examining how heterarchies, that bring together elements of networks and hierarchies, are the most

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This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald displayed a prominent headline Telstra lays down the law on Twitter. The article began: Telstra has become the first major Australian company to set down guidelines on the use of Facebook, Twitter and similar websites by its employees. First? According to whom? As noted by Stephen Collins, the Australian Public

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