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Online media and independents drive business software buying

SAP4SME, a diversified social media initiative from SAP to reach the SME market, is generating a variety of interesting content. At 2pm US Eastern time today SAP is running a webinar: “The Stimulus Package: What Does it Mean for Your Business?” which examines how small to medium enterprise can best tap the US federal stimulus

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Chris Anderson on the social filtering of news and media

Chris Anderson, currently most well-known for his provocative book Free, today put forward his views in yet another interview, this time with a cranky reporter from Spiegel, published under the catchy title of ‘Maybe Media Will Be a Hobby Rather than a Job’. I’m most interested in what he says about how he gets his

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“Influence is the future of media”

After three extremely successful years running the Future of Media Summit, held simultaneously in San Francisco Bay Area and Sydney, it is time to move on. This year the event, run by The Insight Exchange, will be titled Future of Influence Summit. This is because: INFLUENCE IS THE FUTURE OF MEDIA We have already begun

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Continuing our series of free chapters from Implementing Enterprise 2.0, here is Chapter 11 on Social Networks in the Enterprise. For full details on the report and all the sample chapters go to the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 website. Section 4 of Implementing Enterprise 2.0 is Creating Business Value From Enterprise 2.0 Tools. It includes chapters

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Last.FM needs a “serendipity factor” dial

I’ve been listening to Last.FM (and writing about it) since it was launched in 2002. I love it, to the extent of forking out when they finally asked me to start paying a few months ago. However one of the features I most miss is a “serendipity factor” dial. A basic concept in information filtering

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On July 29 at 2pm ET SAP is running a webinar on the US economic stimulus package and ways to be able to take advantage of it. Full details here and below. Tap Into a “Hidden” Stimulus for Your Business: Understand Its impact. Discover another “Hidden Stimulus” The current $787 billion Stimulus will surely help

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Insights from Social Media Strategies event

Today The Insight Exchange ran its Social Media Strategies event. It was an excellent session, with some great case studies. Below are the rough notes that I took during the event – hopefully a reasonable representation of what we heard. Aisha Hilary, Communications Specialist, New Media and Brand, SBS Social media is the use of

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Launch of Social Media Strategy Framework

Today we launch our Social Media Strategy Framework. This provides guidance and a frame on how organizations can approach engaging with social media, following in the tradition of our highly popular frameworks such as Web 2.0 Framework, Future of the Media Lifecycle, and Influence Landscape. Click on the image to download pdf [UPDATE:] The image

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Today asset manager James Altucher writes in Wall Street Journal that The Internet is Dead (As An Investment). There has already been a solid response, most notably from venture capital investor Fred Wilson, writing The Internet is Alive and Well (As An Investment), as well as posts from HipMojo, Stephen Arnold, and Elias Bizannes. The

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If you search for “multiplayer sex game” (and a number of variations on these words) on Google, this blog comes up #1. In April 2006 I wrote a blog post Massively multi-player sex games, which discussed the launch of Naughty America: The Game, an MMORPG involving sex. As far as I can tell my predictions

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Just one month after the birth of our beautiful daughter Phoebe, we are going on a week’s holiday in Fiji. Both Victoria and I have busy schedules coming up, so it’s a good time to get away, rest, and enjoy being a family together. Victoria did the bulk of the holiday searching, probably spending a

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We’re getting a great response to our Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report. We’ll get up a discussion space on the site soon. In the meantime I’d thought I’d share a brief excerpt from the book, in chapter 10 on Blogs in the enterprise. You can download four other chapters from the website, including our Social networking

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