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Last week I gave the opening keynote at IPZ2009 Interactive Marketing Summit in Istanbul. Here are my slides for my keynote on the Future of Interactive Marketing. It was a fantastic event, the fourth annual IPZ conference organized by Günseli Özen Ocako?lu and Hakan Senbir of Marketing & Management Institute, which publishes a range of

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Business Today: Interview on how business can use social media

Yesterday I was interviewed on the Business Today program on the Australia Network, ABC TV’s international network which broadcasts across Asia. The interview can also be viewed along with other material in Business Today’s archives. Key points covered in the interview include:

What are the most useful social media tools for small business?

Most business owners recognise that there are many social media tools that can help them run their businesses more effectively. The problem is sorting through the plethora of tools that are available today to work out what to use, and how to use it. Mashable has come out with a useful list of 10 of

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ABC TV Interview: How business can create value with Twitter

ABC TV ran a segment a few days ago on how companies are using Twitter to create value, including an interview with me on how businesses can use Twitter effectively. This should be a topic of particular interest to small and mid-sized companies. If you are interested in learning more, SME Tech Summit in Sydney

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A few quick notes about the four companies presenting on the SaaS/ In the Cloud panel at Tech23 (for background on the event see my post from this morning). A very impressive line-up. Angusta Systems. Uses combinatorial algorithms to help banks manage their physical cash inventory – a solid niche apparently worth over $100 million

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Tech23 showcases the rising tide of outstanding Australian tech

I’m at Tech23, probably the biggest and best showcase so far of Australian upcoming tech companies. After creating the list of Top Web 2.0 Apps in Australia list last year and in 2007 and organizing the associated Web 2.0 in Australia events, I had originally envisaged that we would organize a broad information technology showcase

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I have been interested in the field of expertise location for over a decade, from back when knowledge managers were building ‘corporate yellow pages’ and other tools to find the best expertise in the organization. Unless a large organization can bring the most relevant expertise within the firm to bear on the problems and issues

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For those who were at the fantastic IPZ09 Interactive Marketing Summit in Istanbul this week, apologies for the delay in posting my keynote slides – the hotel bandwidth wasn’t adequate to upload them and I’m only just back at home. For those who weren’t at IPZ09, note that these slides were designed to accompany my

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Why does Aardvark think I know how to learn to be a stripper?

After a number of requests from friends I signed up for Aardvark recently. If you haven’t t come across it, it’s a social network for search, where your questions are given to whoever in your extended network is most likely to be able to answer them, as illustrated below. It’s an interesting idea which has

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Tools for lifestreaming become available

I have had extensive media coverage this week for my forecasts for social technologies for 2016. One of the predictions that has attracted the most attention is that lifestreaming will become commonplace. Many of us will capture videos, images, audio of conversations and far more. This may be to record for our own purposes, to

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Since 2006 I have owned and written about video glasses, including in my Six Trends that are transforming Online and Future of Media Lifecycle framework. Despite my predictions, we still don’t see many people around wearing video glasses. However I still think it’s going to happen, as I predicted earlier this week. In the many

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Social Media Strategy Framework in 11 languages

Given the extreme popularity of our Social Media Strategy Framework, we decided to translate it into other languages. The translations have been serialized on my blog over the last couple of weeks, and here they are compiled into a single post. [UPDATE:] Korean has been added – now 12 languages! Social Media Strategy Framework in

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