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The inimitable Richard Watson has come up with what just might be a big (and unanticipated) market: car engine sound downloads. Richard’s fantastic bulletins are now openly available after long being a subscription-only service, used by many of the leading creative agencies around the world. To read the latest issue, go to and

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The Future of Sales is Social (the rise of social CRM)

Last week I did the keynote presentation in a webinar run by ITNews and Oracle on How to spark sales using social media apps. My presentation was titled The Future of Sales is Social. The slides are below, and you can listen to the on demand webinar here (registration required). Keynote: The Future of Sales

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ABC TV interview: The future of direct selling

In March I gave the opening keynote at the Direct Selling Association’s conference, talking about the breadth of opportunities in the economy and the role online social networks and communication might play in the future of the industry. From what I learned by preparing for and giving the keynote, I wrote a brief piece Six

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Mark Pesce will keynote on Using the Network for Business Success

Among our awesome cast of speakers at SME Technology Summit, our opening keynote speakers Mark Pesce and Tim Pethick are two of the those whose insights I most look forward to hearing. Both have fantastic experience and insights into where technology is today and where it’s going. Mark’s topic is below. Be sure to get

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On Tuesday I gave the opening keynote at the 38th annual global conference of international accounting network Kreston International. Kreston are a very interesting organization. With revenues across the network of over $2 billion, they are the 13th largest accounting network in the world. The day of the conference they made the final step in

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Six ways technology is transforming small business

This article was written to frame The Insight Exchange’s SME Technology Summit in Sydney on December 1 – while many of the references are to Australia the issues apply globally. Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are taking a larger share of the business pie, and increasingly driving economic growth. This is one of the most

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I was interviewed this morning on Sky Business Tech Report. Some of the things we discussed in the interview are: * How social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others change how companies engage with customers, become more efficient, and being competitive.

SmartCompany magazine is running a webinar on Monday 16 November at 2pm: How Small and Mid-Sized Companies are Using Technology to Drive Business Success. The webinar will provide a preview to some of the outstanding content at SME Technology Summit. Amanda Gome, Publisher of SmartCompany, will moderate the discussion and share some of her insights

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The rapidly building wave of online outsourcing and crowdsourcing

The Age today has an interesting article titled Outsourcing on steroids that looks at the array of online technologies that are enabling the outsourcing of small tasks and the crowdsourcing of design, innovation, and other key business functions. I’ve noticed that in just the last few weeks mainstream media coverage of online service exchanges and

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There’s a great article in the latest issue of B&T Today on how Westpac, one of Australia’s big four banks, is approaching working with its advertising and creative agencies. Here are a few choice excerpts from the article, which is well worth a read in its entirety. Jee Moon, director of brand and marketing at

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My book Implementing Enterprise 2.0 has been selling at a very healthy and consistent pace since its launch earlier this year. The front page of the book’s website features links to reviews of the book, including some very useful ones from ReadWriteWeb, CMSWire, and Inside Knowledge. I thought it would be good to share some

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Practical insights and advice on Everyday Enterprise 2.0

Newsgator’s Director of Enterprise 2.0 Consulting Christy Schoon has launched a new blog Everyday Enterprise 2.0 at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Christy says “I’m going to write in plain English about everyday Enterprise 2.0 from my own on-the-ground perspective working with living, breathing social computing champions at Fortune 500 companies.” One reason

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