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Back in August I predicted that newspapers in their current form will be irrelevant in Australia in 2022. That received significant international attention including from The Australian, The Guardian, Editor & Publisher (which called me the ‘Wizard of Aussie’) and many others. Part of the point I wanted to make was that this date is

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Keynote on the Future of Global Media in New York

After Future of Crowdsourcing Summit in San Francisco next week I will be heading on to New York, where among other things I will be at the Ketchum Global Media Network meeting where I will do the keynote and participate in a panel on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) media landscapes. Here is the

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Things are crazy busy here, with lots of great stuff on the boil. While our businesses have always been primarily about content, we are starting to make some of these activities more scaleable. As such we’re looking for someone to help us on that journey. Below is the ad on If you can think

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Looking for an outstanding writer/ blogger on crowdsourcing

For the next 10 days we need writers to help write interesting blog posts for the website of the upcoming Future of Crowdsourcing Summit. We are only looking for outstanding writers, who can write extremely well and who really understand crowdsourcing, global business, and the web space. This is intended for people who love the

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The theme of Future of Crowdsourcing Summit, coming up soon in San Francisco and Sydney, is how crowdsourcing (applying the minds of many) is the future of everything. It’s a big claim, though to be frank I can’t think of many things it’s not the future of. Anything of human creation, which is most of

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Next week I am giving the opening keynote at the Regional TV Marketing Association conference in Byron Bay, which brings together the top executives across regional television, media buyers, and corporate marketing roles. I’ll share more on what I cover when I get a chance (not for a few weeks probably), but I thought it

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I’ve been remiss in not yet mentioning Future of Crowdsourcing Summit on my blog, so here is a bit of background to the event. Full details are on the Summit website with an overview in the flyer below. Future of Crowdsourcing Summit 2010

Conversation on the future of books and publishing

I am at a lunch organized by book publisher Blurb with Robin Goldberg, SVP of global channels at the company and a variety of authors, journalists and photographers. Blurb’s focus is on personal self-expression such as photography, travel journals, wedding books and so on, so they largely print on hardcover in full color. Blurb has

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Six steps to success in a world driven by cloud computing

I recently gave the keynote for an event series on cloud computing run by Telstra Business across five Australian cities. My keynote was followed by a presentation by Telstra’s Chief Technology Officer Hugh Bradlow. In the current issue of Telstra’s customer magazine Business Insights the feature article is based on Hugh and myself. The article

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The invention of the graphical web browser in 1993 was the moment that ‘getting online’ became meaningful, when we could start to post ideas, photos, and more that anyone in the world with an internet connection could access. However you needed a certain amount of tech knowledge to do that, and it was only from

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I have just attended a very interesting presentation by Stuart Candy on prototyping possible worlds. Stuart joined global design firm Arup six weeks ago after finishing his Ph.D on experiential futures at Hawaii’s Research Center for Futures Studies. Below are some of my live notes from his presentation plus a few reflections. Stuart uses the

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Review of Telstra Business Insights event on cloud computing

In August I went on a five-city roadshow run by Telstra Business on cloud computing. In the breakfast events for Telstra clients, I gave the opening keynote providing a big picture view of the forces driving change in the business world, followed by a presentation by Telstra’s Chief Technology Office Hugh Bradlow on the technology

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