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Last November I gave the keynote at Ketchum’s Global Media Network meeting in New York. Here is an edited video pulling out some of the key points I made during the keynote.

[UPDATE May 2013] The original business model below has now been updated and separated into two visuals: New AHT Group Business Model and AHT Group Strategic Overview For the last 15 years of my life post-employment I have struggled when people ask me what I do. More recently I have managed to crystallize a simple

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The internet can be characterized very simply. Billions of people are looking for interesting and useful information, and millions of companies are trying to make money by people finding their content, through search engines and increasingly on social media. This has led to the rise of companies such as Demand Media, which last week listed

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We see the nexus of the rise of tablets and the transformation of media as one of the most fascinating and important topics today. It continues to be a key focus for us in our client work and own projects. This week International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA) released its Tablet Opportunities for News Publishers report,

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A few months ago I did the opening keynote for a national roadshow run by Telstra Business on cloud computing. My big picture piece on Tapping the forces of change was followed by a more detailed presentation by Telstra’s CTO Hugh Bradlow. It’s taken a little while to get up, but here is a complete

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Personal branding is one of the big themes today, for a number of reasons. As I wrote in five key trends in how influence is transforming society, one of the dominant forces is that reputation is shifting from the corporate to the individual. People build relationships and place trust in individuals more than organizations, changing

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Is social media bad or good? The debate heats up

The first of my 11 themes for the Zeitgeist of 2011 was ‘Networked or Not?‘ We are all facing a fundamental choice that will shape our lives. Many dive headlong into a world of always-on connection, open social networks, and oversharing. A few cry halt and choose to live only in the old world of

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Search is not getting better, or it certainly seems that way. In the evolutionary battle between search engines and search engine marketers, the search engines are not keeping ahead, and crap content is finding its way into the top of search results. This makes search users unhappy, opens the way for alternatives to the dominant

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Bring in the serendipity dial – for search, music and beyond

At the client workshop I ran earlier in the week, I raised the concept of the “serendipity dial” (something I have written about many years ago in the context of creating enhanced serendipity, and more recently asking Last.FM to introduce a serendipity dial.) Source: Click on the image for a very large size version

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ExaTrend of the 2010s: Global Talent

Excerpt from the list of ExaTrends of the 2010s: GLOBAL TALENT Talent is everywhere. As organizations shift to networks, transcending workplaces, success will be driven by how well they can attract the most talented, those who can choose where, how, and why they work. Real-time translation software will enable true multi-cultural teams. Wealth will flow

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The 9 kinds of context that will define contextual search

Yesterday I did the kick-off presentation and workshop at a strategy planning session of a major online media company. The intent was to provide some different perspectives on trends in digital media as input to their deliberations. One of the many topics I discussed was the rise of contextual search. Looking back over the last

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Predictions for media industry in 2011

On December 30 Gulf News published a compilation of local and worldwide media personalities’ forecasts for the media industry in 2011. Contributors including Bertrand Pecquerie, Director of the World Editors Forum, Kris Viesselman, President and Creative Director of San Diego Union Tribune, and Gilles Demptos, Director of Publications at WAN-IFRA. This was my contribution: Ross

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