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As I have written before, Australia is a global hub for crowdsourcing platforms, with the likes of, 99designs, DesignCrowd, Kaggle, Ideas While You Sleep and many more resident here. We have tapped some of this Australian expertise for our events, notably our Future of Crowdsourcing Summit, held last November simultaneously in Sydney and San

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Heather Knight, also known as Marilyn Monrobot, studies human machine symbiosis and charismatic robots. In addition to her doctoral studies at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute she runs a stack of interesting projects. Here is a video of Heather speaking at TED, demonstrating her robot which does stand up comedy. The audience provided live feedback to

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Tablet computers as seen from 1994

The rise of news on tablets such as the iPad is one of the defining themes of our times. This was foreseen by some, even down to the language that we use. The following video, created by Knight-Ridder in 1994, describes their vision of the future of tablet newspapers.

Global mobile market shares: who’s winning

In preparing for the Ketchum Webinar Series on Tapping the Power of Mobile I wanted some data on international differences in mobile operating system shares. I was just about to begin compiling some data from StatCounter when my co-presenter One2One CEO Simon Noel pointed me to a visual created by iCrossing who have done a

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In a few weeks I will be in Beijing to give a keynote to the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) annual Company Directors conference. AICD has usually held its annual conference in Australian cities, but when in 2007 it held it in Shanghai they actually had far more attendees than usual. This is now

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Serendipity is at the heart of today’s emerging society

Serendipity is for me a deeply meaningful word. The more than dozen posts discussing serendipity on my blog include how we created “enhanced serendipity” at an event I ran in 2003 in New York, more details on the story of the word serendipity and how to enhance it, the importance of the “serendipity dial” and

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I recently gave a presentation at an offsite meeting of the leadership team of a global professional services firm. I was asked to speak about the future of business, and to be provocative, which is usually my objective in that kind of situation – it’s not very valuable if you can’t get people to think

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Future of Retail: 10 powerful trends and 1 meta-trend

I have just come across this – an excellent resource from PSFK on the Future of Retail. PSFK presents Future of Retail report View more presentations from PSFK The report covers 10 major trends:

Crowdfunding is the topic of the moment, or maybe it only seems that way from the response to my recent posts on possible changes in regulation on crowdfunding and how the scene is developing. Movies are probably the endeavor which has attracted the most crowdfunding initiatives, including: – A Swarm of Angels (which I first

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Launch of Future of Sex: why we’re doing it

My company Advanced Human Technologies has recently launched the website Future of Sex (, which explores the intersection of technology and human sexuality. A few people have been surprised to see us launch this site, as it is a little different from the topics we usually cover. Here is the background and reasons why we’ve

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Video and notes on the future of the 21st century

I spoke last night at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, to speak at the last of their GoMA Talks on the 21st century which accompany their current exhibit of 21st century art. The topic was the future of the 21st century, with panellists: – Antony Funnell, presenter of ABC Radio National’s Future Tense

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Ketchum Webinar Series: Tapping the Power of Mobile

Mobile is shifting to the very heart of media and content. As such, in delving into the future of media over the last few years I have had an increasing focus on the mobile landscape, how to tap its potential, and where it is going. Starting today, I am co-presenting a three part webinar series

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