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These are frantically busy days, which is squeezing my ability to blog and capture some of the fascinating stuff flying by. In coming months I think I’ll try to do more ‘mini-blogging’, just capturing quick thoughts and impressions rather than writing up every interesting speaking engagement or media appearance I do. Yesterday I gave three

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An invitation to Sydney (and global) crowdsourcing workshops

I hope you can make it! Sydney will be the site of the launch of a global series of crowdsourcing workshops over coming months in Sydney, Amsterdam, Cologne, London, Paris, Brussels, New York, San Francisco and other cities. I am very excited about the workshops, the material we’ll cover, and what we’ll learn during the

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I caught up with some of the Yammer team this morning, including Chief Customer Officer David Obrand, while they are in town for the Yammer on Tour series.  I was particularly interested in talking with them about Yammer’s shift to activity streams. In the massive convergence of enterprise social platforms that we’ve seen over the

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Social Media Strategy Framework: Explanation and guide

Our Social Media Strategy Framework has been one of our most popular frameworks, with well over 100,000 views, as well as more for the translations into 12 languages. I have used the framework extensively as a starting point to help executives understand the space and clients to develop social media strategies. Many people have told

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5 things to tweet and 5 things NOT to tweet

Earlier this week I spoke at a financial advisor retreat in the stunning Margaret River region of Western Australia, a region of wide-open beauty that is the source of many extraordinary wines. I gave two keynotes at the event on subsequent days, on How to Lock-in Your Clients, and Success in a Connected World, which

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In my first book Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships: The Future of Professional Services the final chapter was titled Value-Based Pricing: Implementing New Revenue Models. Pricing by value rather than time is clearly a central aspect to building true knowledge-based relationships, since knowledge should be measured by the value of its application rather than time spent

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Infographic: Timeline of the acceleration of crowdsourcing

In Chapter 2 of Getting Results From Crowds on The Rise of Crowdsourcing we included a Crowdsourcing Timeline, showing a selection of some of the important events in the world of crowds over the last couple of hundred years. Tapping crowds has a long and illustrious past, with of course an acceleration over the last

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Le futur de Facebook et le rôle de la France

Voici ma première vidéo en francais, qui est à propos du futur de Facebook. Quelques miettes du video :

Explorer le futur en France et en français

Ceci est le premier billet de blog que j’écris en français. Je suis Australien, né à Canberra, mais mon père travaillais pour l’ONU et j’ai passé presque tout ma jeunesse à Genève. Je vivais ainsi à quelques kilomètres de la France et j’y allais tous les samedis pour skier. Cela fait bien longtemps que je

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This evening I spoke at the Crowdfunding for Change event run by Avis Mulhall‘s Think Act Change. The event kicked off with a presentations by Adam Chapnick, head of business development at seminal creative crowdfunding platform IndieGogo, and award-winning film director Gillian Leahy, followed by a panel consisting of myself together with Alan Crabbe, co-founder

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Following the launch and fantastic response to Getting Results From Crowds we will be running a series of workshops around the world on creating value using crowds and crowdsourcing. The first ones will be in Sydney on April 16, followed by a number to be announced shortly in Europe and the US (see our call

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Ten years from now: What we will do, have, and not have

This morning I appeared on Channel 7’s The Morning Show talking about the world 10 years from now. A few of the things I mentioned in the interview include:


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