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Today I gave the keynote on Social Media and the Future at Marcus Evans’ CIO Summit. In question time after my keynote I was asked whether Facebook will still be the dominant social network in 5 years. I think the degree of uncertainty on this front is too high to make a firm prediction. However

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Social Media and the Future: Keynote slides at CIO Summit

This afternoon I am giving a keynote on Social Media and the Future at the Australian CIO Summit in the Gold Coast. Here are the slides from my presentation. As always, my keynote slides are shared with the proviso that they are designed to accompany my presentation and are NOT intended to be useful on

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Crowdsourcing Entrepreneurs drinks in Sydney this Friday

Crowds and crowdsourcing are increasingly at the heart of entrepreneurship, represented by the burgeoning crop of crowdsourcing companies, the rise of crowd business models, and the fact that a large proportion of entrepreneurs today draw extensively on crowdsourcing in building their businesses. Ignacio Rodriguez and Enrique Mena, CEO and COO respectively of Chile-based Spanish-language crowdsourcing

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As part of my work in helping global professional services firms build strategies for entrepreneurial markets, I’ve been spending some time with the trove of data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, which is the largest study of entrepreneurship around the world. One of the interesting issues I have been looking at is how varying fear

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Axiom Legal and the rise of virtual professional services

Back since the 1990s I have tracked the rise of virtual and distributed professional services models. They have progressed somewhat more slowly than I anticipated, but the trend is clear. Large professional firms are not in jeopardy, but significant and profitable aspects of their business are being eroded. One of the great examples is Axiom

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Next week I will be giving the first in the First Mover series of seminars for professional services leaders organized by Beaton Research & Consulting. See here for the seminar series overview or the brochure for full details. The seminars will be held in Melbourne on 25 July and Sydney on 26 July, with a

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Australia’s Department of Broadband Communications and Digital Economy has just provided a submission to the government’s Inquiry into IT Pricing. I was interviewed on ABC24 about the findings, and more generally the reasons why Australians pay more for digital goods. Click on the image to view the video of the interview.

One of the most important dynamics in almost all industries today is how value creation is increasingly shifting to be between organizations rather than within organizations. Most notably, the nature of client-supplier relationships have dramatically shifted over the years. This is not new. I have spent considerable time working with the institutional financial services sector,

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Incubators and accelerators are blossoming all over the world, with in Australia the seed accelerator space represented most prominently by StartMate, PushStart, and Melbourne-based AngelCube. I wrote about the Australian accelerator scene when PushStart was launched. Yeseterday afternoon I went to PushStart’s demo day for their first intake. I was very impressed by the calibre of

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Singularity University describes itself as “a vibrant innovation and impact engine that generates leaders and start-up companies with the ability to positively impact the lives of a billion people within a decade”. Apostle of lean startups Eric Ries recently joined Singularity University as the chair of its Entrepreneurship track. In this video Ries is interviewed

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6 mechanisms that will help create the global brain

One of the many reasons humanity is at an inflection point is that the age-old dream of the “global brain” is finally becoming a reality. I explored the idea in my book Living Networks, and at more length in my piece Autopoiesis and how hyper-connectivity is literally bringing the networks to life. Today, my work

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When I wrote my first book, Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, which came out in 2000 in its first edition, I thought of it in many ways as a stepping stone for me to gain credibility and move on to deal with broader issues. Yet still today the themes of the book are immensely relevant to

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