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Strategy + Business magazine has just launched its annual Global Innovation 1000 study, a deep analysis of the 1000 biggest spenders on innovation globally. As it happens I separately caught up with S+B editor Art Kleiner and Booz & Co Chief Marketing Officer Tom Stewart last Friday in New York (more on those conversations later),

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Slides for Crowdsourcing for Marketing Workshop in New York

Today I ran a Crowdsourcing for Marketing for Enterprise & Agencies workshop in New York as part of the global Crowdsourcing Week series of events. I was very happy with how it went and the response from the participants. There was a good mixture of brand and agency participants, and great discussion throughout. Little of

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Slides from opening keynote at Crowd Business Models Summit

Yesterday I chaired Crowd Business Models Summit in San Francisco. Here are the slides from my opening presentation, which provided an introduction and frame for the event. Crowd Business Models Summit Opening Keynote – Ross Dawson from AHTGroup

Insights on using crowdsourcing for marketing

As I will be running a Crowdsourcing for Marketing workshop in New York this Thursday, I was keen to attend the Marketing session at CrowdConf today. Here are brief notes from the speakers through what was an excellent panel discussion:

The future of marketing: 7 critical applications of crowdsourcing

On October 25 in New York City I will run a workshop on Crowdsourcing for Marketing in Enterprise & Agencies as part of the global Crowdsourcing Week workshop series. The following day I will run a workshop that is highly complementary, on Crowdsourcing for Media and Content. Following on from the broad-based first edition of

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Chart: 11 critical success factors for crowd business model

On Monday October 22 I am running Crowd Business Models Summit, where some of the most experienced leaders in successfully building business models based on crowds will share their insights. The event is being run in association with CrowdConf 2012, the leading industry crowdsourcing event. Beforehand I thought it worth sharing part of the Chapter

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[This post first appeared on the Getting Results From Crowds book website] When Getting Results From Crowds was published in December last year the intention from the start was to regularly revise the book, both to keep apace with the rapidly changing world of crowdsourcing, and to continue to improve it. The Second Edition of

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I have just had my mind blown. I have got off a call with three of the speakers in the Future of Crowd Business Models session at Crowd Business Models Summit, which will be held in San Francisco on October 22, the day before the major crowdsourcing conference CrowdConf. What I heard from the speakers

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I wrote Getting Results From Crowds to provide a broad view of the rapidly growing role of crowds in business and society, and how to get the best outcomes from using crowdsourcing. From there, I have been delving into what I see as some of the most important specific applications of crowds, including business models,

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The ultimate in convenient banking: make payments by thinking

In my presentation at yesterday’s media launch of ANZ’s Banking on Australia program, I spoke about new ways of making payments using biometrics. An article in today’s Australian Financial Review reports: “Biometric security” involves using fingerprints, voice records or eye scans to access secure systems instead of number-based passwords, which are much easier to steal

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This morning ANZ announced its Banking on Australia program, in which it will spend $1.5 billion over the next five years to reshape its business and invest in digital technology, with the immediate launch of a range of digital initiatives. At the media event announcing the program at ANZ’s headquarters this morning I spoke about

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My book Getting Results From Crowds was designed as a highly practical overview of how to create value using crowdsourcing. However the last section on Crowd Business Models is perhaps where my deepest interests lie, and is one of the most important issues in the crowd space. Business models are increasingly based on crowds, so

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