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I was recently interviewed for an extended article Networked Business: The wealth in your connections written by Nick Saalfeld for the Microsoft Talking Business series. Here are some excerpts from the article, which provide a neat summary of some of my thinking on the space. It’s a fallacy to think of networking as a sales

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I am at the Digital Malaysia National Crowdsourcing Conference in Kuala Lumpur, where I gave the keynote this morning on the global crowdsourcing landscape and the opportunities for Malaysia.  It is fantastic to see what Malaysia is doing. Digital Malaysia is the government agency tasked with developing Malaysia as a digital nation towards 2020. One

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This morning ANZ announced its Banking on Australia program, in which it will spend $1.5 billion over the next five years to reshape its business and invest in digital technology, with the immediate launch of a range of digital initiatives. At the media event announcing the program at ANZ’s headquarters this morning I spoke about

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The growing appetite for learning how to crowdsource

[Originally posted on Getting Results From Crowds book website] As awareness of crowdsourcing increases, there is a rapidly increasing appetite for learning how to do it well. Yesterday I spoke at the City of Sydney’s Let’s Talk Business event on Outsourcing: Costs Down + Revenues Up, alongside highly experienced executives such as Matt Barrie, CEO

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These are frantically busy days, which is squeezing my ability to blog and capture some of the fascinating stuff flying by. In coming months I think I’ll try to do more ‘mini-blogging’, just capturing quick thoughts and impressions rather than writing up every interesting speaking engagement or media appearance I do. Yesterday I gave three

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I believe strongly in visual frameworks as a way of communicating and engaging with complex ideas. I share these on the web, sometimes use them as central frames for my keynotes, apply them in strategy workshops, use them to shape my own thinking on the topics they cover, and sometimes create private custom visual frameworks

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The secrets of BigCommerce’s success

In the Kochie’s Business Builders program that I hosted on Sunday, I interviewed Matt Barrie of, and Eddie Machaalani and Mitch Harper of BigCommerce, both fantastic Australian online business success stories. Following the excellent interview, below is the interview with BigCommerce’s founders. They recently raised US$15 million from US VC firm General Catalyst

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Proposal for a new crowdfunding model: Betting to win

The other day I caught up for a coffee with Ryan Wardell, the founder of Project Powerup, a crowdfunding site focused on startups. Project Startup uses the classic crowdfunding model used by Kickstarter, Indie GoGo, Sellaband and other crowdfunding platforms for funding creative projects, in which funders are rewarded by receiving products, services, preferential treatment,

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The most recent Kochie’s Business Builders program focused on online business. It started with an interview with me about the big picture, after which I went out to interview two of Australia’s most successful online businesses: and BigCommerce. Below are the videos of the interview I did with Matt Barrie, CEO of, together

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KBB: Interview on the essentials of online business

Kochie’s Business Builders program on Channel 7, which focuses on helping growing businesses improve their performance, has just started its fifth series. This series they have dedicated a complete program to an “online bootcamp”. The program starts with an interview with me, after which I go on to interview two of Australia’s top online businesses:

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We have just posted an ad on Elance, looking for editors/ writers/ project managers for some of our existing and forthcoming online publications. Please apply on Elance if this seems like a match, or pass it on to others if you think it might be of interest. If you have questions before applying you can

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Crowdsourcing is rapidly gaining visibility as a mainstream business topic. The current issue of Outsource magazine has a good article titled The Road of the Crowd. It was written by Steve Bynghall, who produced the recent IBF24 event run by Intranet Benchmarking Forum, and who is collaborating with me on some projects. It’s a good

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