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Where news website traffic comes from: Google vs Facebook

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has recently released some very interesting research on Navigating News Online, digging into how people navigate to news sites and what takes them away.

Among the interesting insights was data on how news website traffic comes from Google and Facebook, shown below.

Image source: Navigating News Online

A few snapshots from this data:
* Google drives 30% of the traffic to the top news sites, being the #1 traffic source for 17 of the 21 sites studied
* Most of the referrals comes from topic or news-related searches
* Aggregators of local news are particularly dependent on Google e.g. Topix.com gets almost two-thirds of its traffic from Google
* Legacy news sites with prominent brands get 28.4% of their traffic from Google
* Facebook is the #2 or #3 sources of traffic for five of the top newssites, with Huffington Post at the top with 8% and New York Times with 6%

The landscape of traffic sources for news websites is continually changing, but Facebook is certainly increasing in the mix, and other social sites will continue to rise. The mix of search engines as sources of traffic, and the relative prominence of different kinds of new sites in their search results, is changing over time. Google’s recent algorithm updates, while targeted at content farms, have also impacted the nature of how major sites receive search traffic.

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    I am interested to see how much of the news websites’ traffic comes from the news aggregators like Niuzer.com

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Thanks for sharing these charts.  It’s interesting to see the differences between Google and Facebook as sources of news website traffic.  I wonder how Twitter fits in?  

  • http://twitter.com/Arleneuc Arlene Murchinson
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    Yes – agree to that comment. this is really an interesting chart to both keep track the newest websites and also to determine different aggregators

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    After reading this article, it has convincing me that search engine is the source of any website traffic. But the fact that facebook get one-third of this website traffic, makes social networking is noteworthy to drive mass traffic too. Thanks for this good article.

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  • Shashap12

    I also reached thsi site http://www.indiavision.com/news/ from facebook and became daily visitor for not just news buta lso for Crosswords/Sudoku on the timepass.



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