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I believe that open business is an important and valuable foundation for success today. We actively share our activities and priorities on an ongoing basis, and intend to share considerably more over time.

Two years ago I shared our AHT Group Business Model Overview and a year later I published our 2012 Priorities, and found sharing these useful for ourselves and for others.

To help me and our team to strategize and act effectively in 2013 and beyond, I have created an overview that describes the activities, projects, and current priorities across AHT Group, which currently comprises Advanced Human Technologies, Future Exploration Network, and The Insight Exchange.

The document does not explain the relationship between the companies or the logic of our business models. I will extend this overview soon with an updated visualization of our business model.

Below is our group Strategic Overview as of January 2013, with a brief explanation of each of the major elements. We will provide more detail on the ventures, business models, and lessons learned during this year.

Click on image to see full size pdf

Description of the elements of the Strategic Overview:


Expert services: Services delivered primarily by Ross Dawson

Corporate services: Scalable services provided to corporate and government clients

Ventures: Planned new companies, each funded with a limited amount of internal capital with a view to later raising external capital if warranted.

Publishing: Publishing of print and digital books and reports and rich content websites

Projects/ Apps: Web and mobile apps that currently are not planned as stand-alone companies

Events: Conferences, executive roundtables, parties, and other events that complement our other activities


Talent: Highest priority hires as covered on our We’re Looking For Talent site

Team: Practices, structures, and processes that enable high team performance

Content: Content generated that is freely disseminated or published by other organizations

Visibility: How we build the findability and presence for our full scope of activities

Processes: Establishment and definition of processes that support our group’s activities

Platform: Fundamental enablers that drive the business model

We’ll be sharing more from our activities as we believe they will be useful to others.

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Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and bestselling author. He is Founding Chairman of AHT Group, which consists of 3 companies: consulting, publishing, and ventures firm Advanced Human Technologies, future and strategy firm Future Exploration Network, and events company The Insight Exchange.

Ross is author most recently of Getting Results From Crowds, the prescient Living Networks, which anticipated the social network revolution, the Amazon.com bestseller Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, and Implementing Enterprise 2.0. (click on the links for free chapter downloads). He is primarily based in Sydney with a secondary base in San Francisco.

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